Tuesday, August 9


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Saturday, May 28

trip to Manchester and Liverpool...

so summer has officially begun..and first year of uni is done! 

Ruth and I decided to take a trip to Manchester and Liverpool to go see the famous football clubs. 

lazy to upload pics...... can see them in my FB album : 

we took a train to Manchester. 
and stayed the night..... the main attraction obviously was the MU FC. 

it was really cool going around the stadium.... enjoyed it alot. 
and other than that, we just took the bus around Manchester to see the city. 

the Quays. nice waterfront...... it's pretty at night!

ok...... let me compare our hotels: 



£5 difference a night...makes a BIG difference! 

went to Anfield stadium. 
the tour was not as spectacular as MU's.....but it was still good la. 

 also took a sightseeing bus around Liverpool to see more of the city. 
went to Albert Dock, passed Chinatown, Anglican Cathedral....etc. 
 another highlight was the Beatles Exhibition... 
though not really a Beatles fan....but still enjoyed it. 

it was a hectic journey getting back to Hatfield, though..
we left Liverpool at 8.48pm...
reached London near midnight. 
but then...we had to wait at King's Cross Station for almost two hours!
the trains kept getting delayed. 
finally, got on a train...
and then.....AIYO! they stopped at a little town, saying that they were not going any further due to a fatality on the tracks. =X 
so we were stuck....no money....middle of the night...in a strange town. 
what to do?? cry lor. 
no laa... ahhahah.... 
luckily there were a few other people form the same uni,...so we shared a taxi all the way back to Hatfield. 
finally reached home near 4am... 

what an adventure...... 

more to come as summer holidays continue!! 


Tuesday, May 17

1st year is over! (Easter, shoots, exams, etc..)

haven't updated for quite a while hor... 

well...... Easter break, i spent with my dear friend Roy!! 
went to Coventry.....was spoiled by him with lots of great food! =D 
and we also made a trip to Glasgow to visit Lester n CM. 

other happenings: 

African themed dinner with them... =) 

photoshoot for FAME magazine. =) 

 exam period!!!!
this is us...."studying". 

studying makes us hungry.. so we made a trip to McD. =) 
scary n tearful trip...but that's a whole other story. =X 

a glamorous night.... getting awards and hanging out with friends. 

and now.... with exams done....
first year of uni is officially over!!!

and now it's time for my summer holidays.... 


Wednesday, April 20

i miss you. (200 days and counting)

woahh.... i've been away from home for 200 days ONLY!
wah liao...feels as if i have been here in the UK for years. mana tahu, it's just 200 days. =.=zz

well, my first year of uni is almost over! i cant believe it has passed so so fast.
soon, it's exam times. *eeeekk*
and then,...it'll be SUMMER!!!
summer only lasts 3 months tho... =(
then it'll be the start of second year! gahhh......

I miss home.
I miss my family.
I miss ZH.
I miss church.
I miss my cell group.
I miss my friends.
I miss my students.
and...I MISS THE FOOD!!!!

Kota Kinabalu......
I miss everything about you!

Monday, March 28

oh, let time fly!!

i just wish summer would come like, right now!! >.<
i am in such dire need of a holiday!! lol.... have been working like mad on all my assignments for the past few weeks......it'll all be over by thursday after the last one is handed in.
then thank goodness, it's EASTER HOLIDAYS!! relaxation for two full weeks.... ahhhh...

then it's back to work work work... =S
with another 2500 words assignment............and...my worst nightmare: EXAMS! =(


i cant wait for summer!

2 months 16 days to go. stay strong, Sarah....you can do it! 

Thursday, March 17

even with broken wings....

......i will find a way to fly! 

weekend at Cambridge!! =)

11-14 March...
another weekend away from uni! 
spent it with my parents again...
we went to Cambridge. 

Pap & Mom in front of Kings College, Uni of Cambridge. 

normally, outsiders are not allowed into the university grounds.
but Pastor Peter gave us a special tour of Kings College, Trinity College, and some other colleges at Cambridge Uni. =D 

Pastor Peter & Pap....

entrance to one of the colleges..

university campus..
how i wish UH had scenery like this.. >.< 

that building at the back is the Dining Hall!!
lol..... so nice!

Trinity College Court..
this is where they filmed the Chariots of Fire movie. 

us in the streets of Cambridge... 

so picturesque hor!

Pastor Peter took us to lunch at the a nice restaurant.... =) 
i had rabbit for starter,
fish for main course,
and chocolate torte for dessert! =)

Holy Trinity Church...
met up with my friend, Natasha. 
haven't seen her for about 10 years!

with Sian Tomlin... 

had an awesome weekend with my parents!!
miss them so much now... they've gone back to Malaysia. =( 

i cant wait for summer.....!! 

Tuesday, March 8

weekend away #1 in March..

March.... busy busy month! 
all final assignments are due in the same week in March...
but other than that.... i am away from uni for 3 out of 4 weekends in March..

so.... first weekend...... 
parents are in the UK,...with JT and Ps. AK..... 
went to Brentwood, London, Bristol, Bath, n Wells.... 

didnt take many pics with my phone.....

Westminster... BIG BEN

lunch at Brentwood, MIZU.
nice fast Asian food!

FIsh n Chips.. 

Bristol, Cotsco!! 

Bath Abbey.... 
see the cute angels climbing up the ladder? 

drove to a nearby town called Wells... lol. 
the cathedral is nice!

town of Wells.... 

tea time at Wells..

and on our way back....we drove past Stonehenge!! but didnt get a pic with my phone. >.< 

weekend was really fun. 
this coming weekend we will be going to cambridge! 


Friday, February 25

proper food vs. student-life food..

well..... here's another post about FOOD! 

mmm... i love to eat.
and when i get hungry, i'll get moody!!

here's some of my recent meals...

chicken curry, vege, n rice..

seafood bubur... mmm... 

curry mee with shredded chicken... 

baked chicken, beans n rice..

cheesy potato wedges... XD 

and then comes those days/weeks when lots of assignments are due..
and exams are near...

this and peanut butter sandwiches can keep me going for days!! hahhaa.. 
welcome to student life.... ? 

and then there are times when i wana spoil myself...
and satisfy my sweet-tooth! 

tang yuen with green sago... 

double chocolate brownies... 

ahhh... i'm hungry liao.